About Robert Grieves – Award Winning Sydney Animator

For over a decade I’ve created multi-award winning animations, guided by powerful design and my fervour for storytelling.

Regardless of the format – web, broadcast or experiential, I make sure the animation is engaging, entertaining and informative.

Client Base

I have developed a global campaign for Adidas, created a song for Sesame Street, and even animated the finale at the 2012 London Olympics. Amongst these are the smaller yet much-cherished jobs for the butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Everybody has a story, and I would love nothing more than to tell each one.

Whether I’m working with creative agencies, global brands, or local traders, clarity of communication  is guaranteed. For just a selection of my clients, check out the selection of logos at the bottom of this page.

Robert Grieves

As well as my short film awards, I have animated Emmy winning motion design and won two Promax Golds. I’ve also been a judge at the UK Film Festival, Show Me The Animation, and Bass Awards.

After my BA in Illustration (Brighton) and MA in Animation (Guildhall), I embraced a career in Motion Design, working as Creative Director on a wide range of projects.

I have taught animation at London’s leading College of Art (Camberwell) and was selected by the British Council to promote the film industry within schools. www.intofilm.org

I also write for the UK’s No1 animation online magazine, Skwigly.


Sausage was a huge success at film festivals and online, winning 8 festival awards from its 80 screenings, qualifying for the Oscars, and receiving ‘Staff Pick’ on Vimeo and other major sites.

As a narrative film, the accolades it received shows I can connect with audiences around the world, young and old. That same storytelling ability is used to help brands engage with viewers and explain their message.

I’ve attended screenings and Q&A’s from Londons Tate Modern and BFI, to A-list festivals in Sydney and Rio.



Film Festivals for Sausage:

  • Amsterdam Film Fest, Grand Jury Prize, Winner
  • Mexico Int. Film Fest, Best Animation, Winner
  • Foyle Film Fest, Best Animation, Winner
  • NYC Indie Film Fest, Best Animation, Winner
  • The UK Film Fest, Best Animation, Winner
  • Food Film Festival (Croatia), Best Short, Winner 
  • PROMAX UK, Best Short Film, Winner
  • Food Film Festival (Amsterdam), Best Short, Runner Up


With 15 years in the industry, I have managed numerous creative crews. My list of collaborators is pulled from those years of experience, bringing together the best animators, composers and sounds designers.

By selecting specialist freelancers for the right task, the projects I complete benefit the best talent while avoiding the overheads of a permanent team.


In my experience, location and timezone aren’t hurdles but advantages. Working with my production partners in London, NY & Sydney, I can confidently deliver animation to any corner of the world, and frequently do.

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